Queen in Manhattan

Spoiler: This is my new book this year. It is a dairy-like realistic fantasy adventuous story happening in New York. Many characters and stories will be based on reality. 🙂

Chapter 1. Came as Aliens

August 16, 2015, I landed in New York, with my loyal sweetheart friend, a young magician, Queen.

Queen prefers to transfrom as a cat while on earth. Her magic is very powerful. She came from a family who has a legacy of great scientists.

Queen likes studying psychology among universal creatures and inventing things from resources collecteded from different planets.

We landed on a little island near Manhattan. It is called ”Roosevelt Island”, used to be a prison and nursery home for crazy people, but it is also the few Zero-criminal place I found on the map.

It must be safe at night for alien strangers like us, I think. I asked Queen to move our spaceship to the tip of the island, hide beside a tennis court, and prepare to transform into earthings alike before we can explore.

Coming from another planet in the not-so-far-away universe called Blue Planet, I have heard so much about this incredible fantastic place called New York. A symbol of Hard-mode exciting city, talented people come here for their fantastic ambitions, achievers and creators’ dream place, a land with luxuries and money, for chanllegers and fighters, a land that also has its own dangers – invisible monsters and dangerous creatures in all kinds of form that hunt all intelligence living things, the fierce battle among earthling people and universal aliens, the expensive living cost and high tax to pay local government.

Anyway, New York is fantastic in its way that made me escape home from 8K years far away. My guardian Queen is the only one who came with me. We decided to make our own journey here, dead or alive, make it interesting.

”Meow Meow ~ Captain, I found a special vehicle to across the bridge. Wanna get some food on that island? ” Queen pointed out some red tiny spaceships hanging in the sky, looks like they carry passenagers.

Sounds good! Let-ssss transform and go! I shouted out.

Blink! we transformed into human like, a young lady and a cat.

Here we go — New York!

Next Chapter: TBC..

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