From China, landed in America

Chapter 2. The Delicious Meter

At 5 years old, I got my first English audio book, the story of Muzzy, from my dad who was the first person being abroad.

I opened the first page and started reading…

The story was about a giant monster called Muzzy, who came from another planet, landed on Earth, being so hungry that he ate a parking meter.

At that time, I lived in a small city where we didn’t even have a parking meter. Few people didn’t even have their own cars. I was so troublesome to understand what meter was. It must be something shocking when Muzzy ate it, I gussed.

Twenty years later, one day after eating out with families, my American boyfriend said he wanted to check the meter. I suddenly remembered this story and got a chance to ask him what was it?

Photo found online.

So then I understand that meter is a self-time tracking and auto payment machine to charge car parking. I don’t know whether it is common in China now, but when I left China in 2012, I still remember every time we park a car on the street, there was always someone who came and charge us. My dad used to argue about the parking fees.

Twenty years ago the British and America have already used this advance no-human technique, there are so many meters on the street. Drivers come and pay, everything is automatic. I learned that the meter cast red lights so if any car avoided to pay, the unique light will on, so police can track it and issue a parking ticket. Meters saved many human labors.

To me, this is one of the fantastic thing I heard of at age of five, now finally I understand what it was.

To Be continued

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