When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer

This is a very good book because it strengthens your belief after reading, although in the end of it, the author also admitted that, we may never know why God doesn’t answer some of the prayers. We guess maybe we prayed for the wrong things, or maybe we are insincere, or it is not yet the time, or it is not according to God’s will.

Still, the author kept praying after his prayer for the protection of his daughter failed. Prayer itself seems has great power. The power doesn’t lie in the answers, but that when we pray, a good pray pulls out our heart, to reach the God closer, to demonstrate how much we need of him, his protection, his godly wisdom and guidance that we couldn’t deny.

For me, I value prayer as a connection. It is like the bond you have for your parents. When you call your dad and mom, what they said doesn’t matter more than they listen and hear your cries, how they answer doesn’t weigh higher than they are there to be ready to listen to you and answer.

Imagine a world without God, what to do when people are in darkness and hopeless? What to do when you feel you are overwhelmed by the falling power, or in the big turmoil of evilness and temptation? One man’s strength is limited. We are all sentimental. Prayer is our only weapon left.

Like speech, prayer is the weapon for protecting our soul. The answer of a prayer may not matter, what matters is to pray, sincerely, by heart. That’s how a connection is established, which is called faith, or trust.

Trust takes our soul home – to the heaven, a place so-called where we can live with God forever. Isn’t this what we are truly longing for? And isn’t this God’s will?

God will never abandon us, so you have his number, just pray(call).

I also like this quote:

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