Please Stay Normal, Crazy Rich People

This is a 10/10 movie for me

After watching this movie, I was lucky to discuss it with a friend who is like Rachel Chu.

“Does Asian rich people like that? Is it real?”

She asked me, “one of the reasons that I watched this is to see how Asian rich people are alike, I have a Asian friend who asked me to watch it.”

“There are not many people as rich as Nick. The plot is not real. But in terms of how people judge you, pretty much real. ”

Said I, thinking about how people check your family background before connecting with you deeply, treat others differently by the wealth you have, throw money in fancy parties and chase luxuries ….

Well, pretty much real as in the movie.

“I don’t like that!”

She bursted out.

Let me tell you, I grew up in a not-rich family, my parents raised me hardly and I did not spend their money coming to New York because I want to make it my own. If the money is not earned by yourself, it is not your money. Why would I be proud of spending others’ money?

Regardless of your family is rich or not, regardless of you are rich of not, I like people who are still NORMAL.

Well, some rich people or high authority people, they don’t act normal, they act like they are high loyalties. I laughed out loud, thinking of a story told by another friend who one day served a super-rich guy who dressed in all luxuries and acted like he is in the movie, carrying on a condescending tone as other people are all lower.

Money, Power, Sex.. Social status, Reputation..

People never stop chasing these things. It is not bad to have it, born with it, or inherit it, but it makes a big difference if you earn it.

Things you don’t earn by yourself will one day vanish out of your control. And merely having endless money means little if you don’t know know how to manage them

There are still a lot of things worth chasing in the world – love, humble, sweetness, clean heart, good spirits, charming characters, respect.

Speaking of success. There is one kind of success earned with respect.

Respect doesn’t come from being rich or having a good look without sophisticated characters.

Respect is earned, by thriving through hardships, building self-discipline, by self-achieving and self-improvement.

Respect is reciprocal, earned by how you treat others.

Rich is good, but don’t go crazy, stay NORMAL.

Btw, I like and respect Rachel Chu so much! Lol. And Nick is cute.

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