How does New York TCS Marathon change my life

After I signed up for Fred’s team 2018 Marathon charity program, things start to change.

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At first, I never thought much about cancer at my current life stage, it seems an issue far beyond my daily concern. However, after spent the whole night reading the history of New York TCS Marathon and the story of Fred’s Team. I was deeply moved by the spirit of those brave and tough human beings. So I made a bold decision: I want to go with Fred’s team and give it a try. I believe I carry the same faith of Marathon Olympic spirit, and if other can make it, so can I. Never say never.

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Day 1

I started to wear sports clothes all the day and get out to run as much as I can.

I am still preparing an important exam so I don’t have much time for the training, but I am doing my best.

My parents donated me 10USD. After the the the the family discussion, we started to tonic more and more people died from cancer. My dad’s teacher died of cancer, my cousin’s mother died of cancer. So was my best friend’s father. And last year, I heard of cancer also caught my beloved teacher! Sometimes we think we all have a long life to live so we are chasing fame and money, however, sometimes life present in a fragile way.

My dad was sacred and he got out to run for one hour after this discussion.

Should we be sacred because of cancer?

No Way!

Fred elbow, who fought till last minute in his battle against brain cancer, left us the spirits of fighting, not surrendering. He inspired many later marathon runners for the New York Marathon. I am proud to be one of them.

I hope running can be more meaningful. That’s why I am now committed to to to to to to this goal.

My friend said a promise is a promise. I said indeed, in Chinese proverb, once a gentleman made his promise, no racing horse can catch his words back.

Committed to marathon also made me treat my words and my promise more seriously. It will be a commitment going beyond pain and suffering, it is either finishing or not starting.

Yes, so please keep following me, my journey begins!

My personal donation page: click here

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