On Study: Learners’ Evolution! 进化吧,学霸!


These days, I have been busy learning advance study skills. I did a lot of research and accumulated many other people’s study experience, learning methods, habits and unique study tips. Here are the books that I highly recommend to anyone who is learning.

In Chinese, there is a word saying: Sharpen your axes quicken your work. I greatly appreciate what I learned from these books.


  1.  《进击的学霸》连载中,原名《全能学习高手》   叶修:学习策略师 微信公众号: xuexicehuashi


Learning is more about the study strategies and how to organize your thinking. An efficient learner is a good thinker – structure your thinking, use different thinking models, and collaborate with others to learn more efficiently. 

2.  The Art of LearningAn Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin

Learning starting from an empty baby mental status, to draw a small circle and then gradually and finally become master level. 

3. <Poor Charlie’s Almanack >, a collection of speeches and talks by Charlie Munger, compiled by Peter D. Kaufman.


Learning is about interdisciplinary learning – it acquires collect and apply different think models in your head. Common sense and a patient mindset are more important than IQ.

4. 《辛雷学习法》作者:辛雷 淘宝




         “You need to be peaceful in mind to study well. To stay in a peaceful mindset, you need to be humble. You need to be the most humble person in your relationship.”

“Self-confidence is the key to study well and perform better in the exam. Self-confidence is a skill level generated at each time you overcome yourself. And you beat others by how much self-confidence do you have in yourself.”


5. 《精进》,如何成为一个很厉害的人 作者:采铜  豆瓣

To become a master in a field: focus all your energies on one niche through a long long time.



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