How to read rapidly?

Joy’s 10th Book Review of 2018
  1. Why do I choose this book?

I am looking for books to improve my reading comprehension, after going through all the books in the Language Learning Section of Barnes and Noble, I found it:


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I want a book which focuses on improving reading comprehension, not just describing a fast eye-rolling technique or 3-D expanded eye vision.I am looking for a book that tells me how to know the author better, by studying the author’s word choice, the sentence structure, and the tone, not merely counting how many words per hour my eyes can go through. I am looking for a book which has real insight on how to know a book better, not simply giving general suggestions or even misleadings on how to approach a book.  After flipping through a few pages of the table of contents, I confirmed this is a right choice.


2. What does this book say?

This book covers a broad range of reading techniques, from the fundamental physical reading poses, eye-movements, to various ways to better reading. What I like most is this book is like a reading training program with self-diagnosed exercise and learning drills. It is not just a book that you read for fun one time, feeling excited and had an illusion you have improved because of finding some new reading techniques, but later found out that feeling is a fantasy. Instead, this book provides with many exercises that require readers to pause after reading a session, think and finish the exercises, record your performance before moving on, which I really feel very helpful.

This also means it’s better to buy a physical book because you need to jump between chapters for the reading drills. Also, the design is more pleasant to read in a physical copy. It is also a book worth keeping it for many years as a reference book. I hope I can track my reading progress, starting from this year 2018, to see how far I can improve one year later. 😛

3. What do I like the most from this book?

The interesting chapters and some bullet points: 

4: Eliminate Regressions

  • See more than one word a time
  • Always use your hand

9: magic line:

  • A magic skill to help recall pattern!

11: know writer’s techniques

  • discover organization pattern

13: abstract difficult passages

  • Learning the diagram technique to identify the levels of ideas

14: eye movement

  • Learn read a group of words by a circling hand!

15 – 16: get comprehension at high speed

17: signal words

18: learning the advance organizers of author

25: mind control reading

27: effective reading program

28: visual pattern

29: reading retention

30: unravel difficultly passages


Summary of the key ideas:

You can improve reading by using Hand movement to diagram the context of reading, thus to improve the way of absorbing the information

34: A-Book-A-Day approach:

Wow, I am naturally using a book-a-day approach to improve my reading, that’s why I started this book review blog. Glad to read the author recommend the same approach! Great mind thinks alike. 😛 No wonder why I like this book.


4. My Final Review after reading:

Every book has its beauty and limitations. I like this book because it does help me to understand how to rapidly read, especially by how to use hand-guidance movement to improve the reading comprehension speed, however, the book did not go deeper from a linguistic perspective on how to understand words and sentences. Disappointedly, there are no juicy materials about learning linking words, passage structures, specific words, it has a few paragraphs on academic reading(reading for tests, like SAT/GMAT/GRE/LSAT). I think it helps a little on exam oriented preparation, but the creative road-map technique of recalling and organizing information is a smart tool for general reading.

I give this book a 4/5 star in the education field. For those who want to improve their reading, or need to read a lot of materials, I recommend get or borrow a physical copy.



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