Two books On Talents and Dreams

Joy's 5th & 6th Book in 2018

1. How I read a book.

I don’t finish reading a book before starting a new one, and I like my own way of enjoying the reading. I always jump directly to the chapters that I am most curious about, skipping the parts that I feel nonsense, staring at where that my mind will be free to float between fantasy and real life. Many times I don’t follow the book pages in my reading, and I don’t think it is a bad habit though I got some criticism about this from my colleague teachers. Still, I enjoy my own relaxing way of reading the books, and I would like to share my fun with you on my blog.

I don’t believe that there is only one way or the best way of reading. The relations between a book and a person should be more personal. As for me, I treat books as extended resources for me to communicate with different people. Reading a book is like talking to a person, who may be far away from me or maybe dead, or even unreachable like God in the Bible.
I also need books whenever I need to think. I love books as if they are my daily bread. I can’t live without books because life without reading is such a bore! I think words have power themselves. Since vocabularies are powerful to create meanings, and words shape your thoughts, and thoughts are real things that influence our lives.

As Charlie Munger, my idol said, I have never seen a wise man who has known broad areas of knowledge who did not read all the time, none, Zero! Alas, that is my love for the books!

In Chinese:



2.《Talent is overrated》  Goodreads

talent is overrated

I knew this book five years ago but yesterday I opened it again. I wanted to read it because someone comes to persuade me to give up my dream because he thought I don’t have talents nor am I gifted. Although I don’t accept his opinion, it makes me wonder what does talent mean? I want to know why some people be a world-class level player while the majority is just repeating same work performance day after day? What makes people improve, and what not?

Briefly reading this book, it emphasizes the deliberate practice. It doesn’t take smart to become great, it doesn’t take many years of repetitive work to become great. What is needed is the deliberate practice in the work.

This idea inspired me in a way that I used to treat the obstacle in my work as something so hard that I have to overcome, but now, I changed my perspective. I have my goal to become a good attorney, my work and all of the obstacles are my challenges to deliberately hone the skills. When I become highly skilled in a specific niche, I will competent to reach my goal. Hardship creates challenges. Facing the difficulties I grow.  Day by day, tasks after tasks, that’s how I can evolve and become the person I want myself to be. 😀

3.《Dae Jang Geum》/《大长今》 Amazon DVD



I watched some clips of 《Dae Jang Geum》 by chance. My best friend in high schools see her as an idol, and I loved my best friend so that I read the book she loved. I used to like her words: “Only by being stubborn can you survive, being weak is a sin.”  (In Chinese: “唯有倔强才能生存,软弱则意味着罪过。” ) This almost become my motto.

Sometimes, I will trigger some people’s anger because my stubborn. I am very sticking to my dream in a way that normally people May feel hard to persuade me into thinking differently. As of me, I just don’t like easily giving up on things I sincerely desire for.  Even though as a normal human being, I had so many vulnerable moments that even myself are defeated, insecure, bewildered and lost in the journey, I still trying hard to keep a special place inside of my heart, where I planted my dream.

One day, after hearing many negatives views in a talk. I can’t get rid of a thought:

“Give up, this will eventually turn out to be a wise decision in your situation.”
I think a lot of about giving up or changing plans for my goal. I tried to argue back and forth with those negative ideas. I felt I am so fragile although I am still making efforts day after day. However, I felt like if anything added another straw on my shoulder, I would be totally crashed…

Yeah, during the time when I was so over-burdened, so fragile and so stressful that one morning, I even burst out into crying without knowing why…

What strengthens me is the story of Jang Geum.

I re-watched the episode when she tried to pass the exam to become a doctor. She was also being criticized, rejected and regarded as no talent, not this material to become a doctor,  she was even forbidden to study with other classmates together. But how, this lady without any background, finally became the most successful women doctor for the King?

In the story, she said, “I won’t give up, I don’t give up, nobody can let me give up, I never give up.” When she was again being treated unfairly and failed the exam, she requested sincerely for another chance. She said she seriously wanted to become a good doctor. She begged and begged. Still,  the supervisor said No. But, she did not take No for granted and offered to do more laundry for every classmate, trying to earn the favors from the supervisor. Yet, she did not make him moved. However, eventually, she made her success. Because opportunities arrived soon when she was the only one who was overprepared to find it. Suddenly, all of her knowledge and insights gained through hardworking let her shine.

In her darkest time, she said to herself: “Let pain come, The more painful it is, the sooner opportunity will come. Keep calm and think deeper, wait for the opportunity, and even create more chances.” She thought:”No matter what I do, I dare to lay down my life to do it.” She went extra miles to evaluate the syndrome of patience, she kept herself busy working and learning and discovering every day. It seems she never get rest. She is always developing herself in one way or another. That’s how she grabbed the horn of her life.

After reading her story, I realized that maybe my dream looks unrealistic to others, but this is not the end. As Chang Jin’s supervisor comments hers, “the most successful people have some things in common: genuine and passion, yet, the very most important thing is, the ability to see through the reality and change the reality. ” She is the one that changes the odds and makes the rings.

Go, Joy. I said to myself.

I want to be someone like Jang Geum, be fearless, as a warrior for your dream.



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